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Font bug?

Hi, has anybody else seen the following behaviour?

One of our users is having problems since switching from wine to rdesktop
that I am unable to reproduce on another terminal, so I suspect it may
either be specific to her hardware version or something she is doing to

The symptoms are that certain characters in certain fonts are often
missing from her screen, particularily 't's, 'i',s and 'r's, but also
random other letters.  Where the letters are missing there is just a black
space, with the same background colour as the surrounding text.

Sometimes part of the missing characters are draw, some times nothing at
all.  Hiding and unhiding a window can sometimes change how much of the
missing characters is drawn.

When I first looked at this problem yesterday, rdesktop had reported the
following errors:

ERROR: get font 7:255  
NOTIMP: triblt 0xc0

However, I am no longer convinced these are related errors, since this
morning it has done it again and this time there are no error messages.

The Xserver is XF86_Mach64.  /proc/pci reports the graphics chip as an ATI
Mach 64 GB (rev 92).  The card is in fact an AGP card.

I look forward to hearing from people as this particular little problem is
driving me mad!


/   Ben McKeegan, I.T. Manager                                         \
\   Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, UK.                  /