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Re: rdesktop and licensing...??

Grant Fraser wrote:
> How do you go about licensing rdesktop on Linux/Irix/OSX?
> We have found that the license only lasts 90 days then when
> you try to run rdesktop

That's the 'temporary license', which is only valid for
a grace period of 90 days. Of course, after that period
you can always change your client's name (-n) for
another 90 days. Microsoft probably never expected it
to be changed that much with their own Windows TS clients...

> Is there a way for license rdesktop on the local machine?

Yes, use the following option:

   --built-in-license: identify as a w2k client to
                       the license server

It was contributed by Ahmon Dancy and you can find it in
the unified patches 19-8-x, as composed by Peter Bystroem

Technically, with this option you won't need a
Client Access License since it spoofs the Terminal Server
into thinking the client is Windows 2000 Professional.
Legally/morally, it's another matter. I guess you still
have to obtain a CAL and do the paperwork. But then
again, I Am Not A Lawyer, nor a license specialist...

Now, if you don't mind a bit of speculation: I'm sure that
this particular option made rdesktop just a little bit
bigger on Microsoft's radar. (Hello everybody from
Microsoft reading this!). It would be fairly easy to
scrap RDP v4 support from Windows XP Terminal Server
(or whatsitsname) so that rdesktop cannot connect.
Or even to remove RDP v4 through a new Windows NT/2000
Servicepack. It's easy for Microsoft to do this because
current Windows TS clients support RDP v5 anyway.

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